Tray trolley with 18 levels with Z-shaped frame — Simeco

Tray trolley with 18 levels with Z-shaped frame
  • Length: from 375 to 375 mm
  • Depth: from 540 to 540 mm
  • Extra options: CN1/1
  • Tray trolley levels: 18 levels
  • Worktop: stainless steel AISI 304
  • Wheels: yes

Code: 926.0US.21732

• Steel AISI 430
• Welded construction with Z-shaped frame*
• For GN1/1
• Solid guides
• 18 levels
• Wheels (D=100 mm)
• 2 wheels equipped with brakes
• The height is 1800 mm

* Z-shaped construction exploiting several tray trolleys enables to save space both when transported and in the kitchen, by means of putting one into another.

Our main advantages:
We have many years of experience in designing non-standard equipment.
Metal thickness of 1 mm and more depending on the purpose.
Every product gets through the quality control system.

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