Simeсo video presentation

Russian manufacturing company SIMECO specializes on developing and producing high-quality neutral, warming and refrigerating equipment from stainless steel for trading and catering companies, as well as for medical centres.The company was founded in 2006 and since then it is actively developing. Today due to the modern technologies and the professional staff the company has managed to reach the leading positions. The machining facility of the company provides an opportunity to produce kitchen equipment of any sizes and to guarantee the high quality of both individual and serial production. The mission of the company is the production of high-technology equipment that ensures safety and comfort while being exploited.

This explains why the motto of the company is:
«If you cut your hands we’ll return your money!» 


Engineers of the department use the latest soft to develop innovative and high-quality products. Frequently facing the challenges of creating non-standard equipment, they always find a proper technical solution that results in a product that fully corresponds to the client’s requests.

The manufacturing area of SIMECO occupies about 6000 m2. The shop floor is equipped with modern machinery with CNC, that help to perform the necessary operation with maximum accuracy, to increase the efficiency and minimize waste. The equipment stock consists of the metal-working and plate-bending machines of the world leading manufacturers, such as: AMADA (Japan), COLGAR (Italy), IMAC (Italy), etc. The expertise of our staff is the primary condition of successful modern machinery maintenance and high quality of our products. Apart from that in the final stage every product gets through 100 % control, the results demonstrate if the product is ready for release.


SIMECO develops the following branches:

NEUTRAL equipment
Neutral equipment that is produced by the company SIMECO includes more than 1000 items and has already proved itself in the market. Our main advantages are high-technology equipment, food-grade stainless high-quality steel, innovative inventions and ergonomic construction.

HEATING equipment
One of the components included into the technological kitchen series is the warming equipment. The SIMECO company offers different types of such equipment. These are heated cupboard tables, heated shelves for tables, bain maries, proofers and others. Warming equipment produced by SIMECO has a range of advantages, the main being the use of modern energy-saving technologies that provide maximum coefficient of performance with minimal energy expenditure.

SIMECO company is eager to draw you attention to the series of refrigerating equipment. These are refrigerating tables, refrigerating worktops, refrigerating show-cases and refrigerating stalls. Due to the high quality of the production and the use of modern technologies SIMECO company is able to meet a wide range of demands imposed on the refrigerating equipment. It is achieved because:
Every product gets through the quality control system.
Technical characteristics of the products (such as energy efficiency and refrigerating capacity) can compete with foreign analogs, and new construction solutions (port for cleaning the assembly) make them unique in the market.