Shelving with perforated shelves with angle profiles uprights — Simeco

Shelving  with perforated shelves with angle profiles uprights
  • Length: from 400 to 1500 mm
  • Depth: from 300 to 600 mm
  • Shelves: perforated shelves

Code: 022.0UА.000003

The main advantage of dismountable uprights is the opportunity to easily change the configurations of uprights if the arrangement of the kitchen is altered. There is no need to buy new uprights as it is possible to change the configuration of the already obtained uprights and, if necessary, just buy new components. The unique construction with a shared frame between two uprights allows to save up to 20 % of the cost.

• Steel AISI 430
• Demountable construction
• The uprights are stainless steel anglе 40x40 mm
• Perforated shelves**
• Нoles for mounting of shelves with a step of 100 mm
• The upright is 1800 мм height
• Adjustable feet 

Our main advantages:
We have many years of experience in designing non-standard equipment.
Metal thickness of 1 mm and more depending on the purpose.
Every product gets through the quality control system.

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