Refrigerating display unit — Simeco

Refrigerating display unit
  • Length: from 1335 to 1335 mm
  • Depth: from 740 to 740 mm
  • Lighting: yes

Code: 062.0UG.36860

To save power after closing the shop, at night, on days-off, and to avoid spoiling of products during blackout and on extremely hot days the show-cases are supplied with thermal insulating shutters.

 • Steel AISI 304; glass 8 mm
• Welded construction
• Without doors, thermo insulating curtain
• 4 shelves
• LED lighting
• The unit is at the bottom
• Adjustable feet
• Automatic defrosting
• Electronic control; digital display
• 1335x740x1965 mm
• Operating temperature: +2 до +6 ºС
• Power —1,2 kW
• 220 V

This product uses modern energy-efficient technologies that can significantly reduce energy consumption.

All  refrigerating display units by SIMECO can be made with swing doors and drawers. There are various options for internal filling and custom sizes of products.

Our main advantages:
We have many years of experience in designing non-standard equipment.
Metal thickness of 1 mm and more depending on the purpose.
Every product gets through the quality control system.

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