Refrigerating equipment development trends

The year 2019 introduces major changes to the market of commercial refrigeration * - the consumer is increasingly making his demands to the manufacturer more stringent. Large networks request the reduced energy consumption and preserving the environment, an ordinary consumer - a catering point or a convenience store expect more maintainability. And the client appreciates the convenience and design of commercial refrigerating equipment.
SIMECO, in response to these growing requirements, is ready to offer refrigerating equipment that meets all these requirements. All refrigerating equipment runs on high performance compressors using R404A, R134A. These refrigerants have zero ozone depletion potential. In addition, they are more energy efficient, that is, they bring the temperature of refrigerating equipment to the set values in a shorter time, which means that the compressor will operate longer without any replacement or repair, and the overall electricity consumption will also be reduced by 20%.
In 2017, we developed and launched equipment using a monoblock. This design allows, in case of repair, to quickly replace it right at the workplace without stopping the work process. In the same year, a condenser cleaning hatch was introduced which provides for easy maintenance and is unique in the Russian market.
Since the geography of our sales spreads over Russia and the neighboring countries, we monitor the quality of our equipment. For example, during test acceptance, the refrigerating tables are brought to extremes, and all equipment is tested in the climate chamber. Our statistics say that over the past 2 years of operation, the warranty return on non-repairable equipment amounted to less than 0.1% of the volume.
Finally we would like to describe the design of our equipment. When it comes to a showcase in a shop or a refrigerating counter in a fast food establishment or some other specific equipment, then, as in many areas, fashion intervenes in technological design. Fashion for color, for textures, for materials. A couple of years ago white equipment was in fashion, now it is being replaced by other modern colors, gray and steel. We are ready to offer the coloring of products in the proper shade according to the RAL catalog using high-quality polymer dyes.
For a very long time, the consumer preferred simple geometric shapes, now he tends to choose more complex designs and smooth corners.

And a few words about market trends. It seems to us that the refrigeration market will further develop towards optimizing resource consumption and maximizing the use of natural factors. Such as low air temperatures in winter and the possibility of cheap heat utilization from products.

* Commercial refrigeration, in this case, includes equipment connected to central refrigeration systems for large trading enterprises (supermarkets and shopping centers), commercial refrigeration equipment (counters and display cases), equipment facilitating and streamlining technological processes in the production of public catering (refrigeration and freezer tables). Despite the fact that currently industrial equipment prevails in the market, the commercial cold segment is developing more rapidly, approximately 35% versus 25%, respectively.