STAY SAFE WITH SIMECO!!! Disinfection tunnels

Protect your employees and visitors

Disinfection tunnels are an effective solution for the fight against viruses and bacteria. They are intended for the disinfection of clothing and exposed areas of human skin. The solution is harmless to humans and does not leave any marks on clothing.


   The tunnels are made of stainless steel and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Durable and meet all the requirements of sanitary rules and regulations

   Convenient and safe operation. 

   The solution is harmless to people and does not leave any marks on clothing  

    Different sizes allow you to choose the model that suits your space. 

    Collapsible models are easy to transport, which significantly reduces the cost of delivery. 


  Swing door with a lock for easy maintenance service.

  It is easy and convenient to add a disinfectant solution.

   Tank with a convenient hinged lid