Trend of 2020: Convenience stores and cafés as a part of petrol stations

The development of the gas stations with full food service is increasing in 2020. Everybody can buy not only petrol but to have a snack, a cup of coffee and food to take out. BP branded retail station was the first in this area. Now all the largest oil companies develop stores and its representatives emphasize that it is an upcoming trend. There is a constant flow of people at gas stations and the companies successfully gain profit from it. In Russia, as in a whole world, the format of convenience stores at gas stations is also developing.In addition, the quality of these products is improving there. The concept based on the convenience for the customer. 

For example, LUKOIL has a huge number of petrol stations in Russia and abroad and its purpose is not only to provide high-quality gas but a complex of food service.

Commercial equipment for gas stations includes a large number of products for various purposes and tasks of this complex:

-          Refrigerating showcases for pastry and drinks

-          Salad bars for different ingredients

-          Equipment for fast food

-          Coffeestations etc.

Such equipment is more expensive than standard because it is made for petrol stations format, but any automatizationeconomy on petrol stations cause the quality reduction of service and increasing the queues.

As a rule, it is necessary to have an additional operator’s working place and makeself-service areas (separately standing coffee units with open access, fast food areas etc.)

Petrol station is a dangerous place and that is why it has many restrictions and requirements for the equipmentin terms of safety.The staff here is quite different from other food and drink venues: they have many responsibilities not only with food service but also with petrol sales. Therefore, it is necessary to automatethe work of staff and get rid of spending time on culinary operations, while choosing the equipment.
Years of experienceof theSimeco’s specialists shows that the sale of related products makes most profit with self-serving areas.For this purpose, petrol stations are equipped by sets of furniture for high quality service and advertising the finished products.